Express Your Self - Where You Design Your Own Clothes

Bad Boy Styles is a fashion brand established to allow customers to 
create their own custom-designed apparel,  accessories, and merchandise.

Bad Boy Styles provides a solution for anyone who wants to personalize their
 own stylish and affordable apparel with accessories for adults and children.

Eveyone loves T-Shirts that reveal their opinions, favorite hobbies, and personal beliefs. In the 1960’s, T-Shirts
became the go to way for the younger population to express their views on everything from culture to music.


  • Funny – Sarcastic
  • Foodie – Vegan
  • Political – Election
  • Photography – Digital Cameras


  • Coffee Cups – Stickers
  • Clocks – Pillows
  • Phone Cases – Leggings
  • Travel Mugs – Bedspreads


  • Events & Parties
  • Hobbies & Special Interests
  • Pets & Families
  • Company Promotions

Helpful Articles

how to wash t-shirts

How To Keep Your T-Shirts Looking Good!

Proper care of any Direct To Garment (DTG) wearable can make it last longer and look great for a long time.


The Most Popular Printing Methods For T-Shirts

There are many ways to print on T-Shirts and merchandise. Each one has a place due to the different materials and uses.

Most Popular

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Interesting Facts About T-Shirts


Women buy more T-Shirts but they may be buying for family members or friends.

Funny or Sarcastic T-Shirts are the leading category but in an election year Political might be on top.

More sales come from cell phones than desktops. That’s probably due to convenience.

Most Popular Colors

Top 5 selling colors overall are White, Black, Navy, Grey, and Red.

Most popular colors for women buyers are White, Pink, Purple when buying for themselves.

Men buy more Black than any other color. White, Grey, and then Navy are after black.

Most Popular Types

The Classic T-Shirt is the number one seller. Hoodies and Tank Tops are very seasonal.

Most popular items are often stickers. Mostly younger buyers. They are also the least expensive.

About 50% change their choice before actual purchase. And about 45% are repeat buyers.

Photo Editing

Custom Designs

Merchandise Designs

Website Store Setup

Company Promotions

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