Our Custom Services

Here is a list of our Customer Services we provide. Custom Designs and Photo Editing are first and second but Company Promotions can beat them both on some months. We have a lot of very creative customers and they love to push the envelop on designs. Creating something totally unique can be both fun and challenging but the results are worth it for the best custom t shirts. We’ve found that using cheap custom t shirts makes for unhappy customers so we use the best t shirts possible to make sure you’re purchases lasts a long time. And our custom design t-shirts have no minimum orders which means you can order one or 1000.

Custom T-Shirt Designs

Custom Designs are one of our most popular services. Special Events can even be more special if you give away or even sell T-Shirts about the event. From special birthdays and family celebrations to milestones and accomplishments.

One of the most fun one we did was about a trip to Europe for some college graduates. They gave us photos from the trip and we made a montage with some clever copy that celebrated the experience. Another one that was pretty cool was for a Grandfather who turned 100! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Our Most Popular Custom T-Shirt Designs

Everyone loves their pets! That’s our most popular custom choice. Dogs and Cats are the top two but we also get Snakes, Ferrets, Pigs, Fish, and more.

Here are a few sample layouts that we offer. The actual pet can be any critter and we can change the wording and colors too. Our most popular color is black so the examples are black but the shirt color can also be changed. You can get any of the merchandise (you can see many of the merchandise options here) with the same design too.

How much do custom t shirts cost? Pricing for custom T-Shirts or other products is hard to list since each base item may have a different cost, a hoodie, sweatshirt, or coffee mug all have different base costs. One way to get a rough idea is to add $15 to normal price. As long as you stick to examples below that should cover it. (*If we have to do major editing of photos, that could increase the price.)

If you would like an exact quote or more information just send us an email at
customservices @ badboystyles .com (take out the blank spaces).

Merchandise Custom Designs

Everyone loves their pets and like to put them on anything so we do a lot of pet designs. Everything from coffee cups to water bottles. Like most custom work there usually is a picture involved and brief statement. Although we pretty much can put any design on we still have to make sure it’s not copyrighted or licensed information. That’s for all you sports fans, no team logos or designations.

Most people keep it simple but we have done some very elaborate designs to do with hobbies or businesses. A lot of it depends on your budget and item. If you have any questions, just send us note from our store. There is link on any sales page and on our profile page.

Photo Editing

Sometimes customers have photos that need a little TNC, we can help with that most of the time. The photo on the left was taken by the pilot by sticking his iPhone (a really old one that has none of the fancy settings or abilities of the newer versions) out the window. Yea, not the best conditions or camera. And this example is a shadow of the plane that appears like a rainbow and is hard to catch so we had to go with what he had.

We cleaned it up and added a little punch to saturation to get the rainbow to stand out a little better. There wasn’t a lot of detail due to the older iPhone but it came out pretty good all things considered. Getting the photo digital rather than having to scan it was helpful but we can do a lot even with scanned originals (older photos). We had a sepia photo from the 1800’s the other day and it came our pretty good, so never say never.

Website Store Setup

You can sell all the stuff you see on our website from your website if you want total control. For us it wasn’t a good idea but for some it might be a good solution. It really depends on your market, target customers, and niche.

If you have a popular website that is targeting a very specific audience it can work well. As an example a website on rock climbing that sells a T-Shirt design with the climber at the top (submitted photos), you could do pretty well selling those kind ot T-Shirts or merchandise.

We can do it for you or teach you how. It’s not brain surgery but it does require a few basic skills. If you want to learn more, just shoot us a note from our stores.

Company Promotions

I don’t know of any other business promotions that literally get their customers to advertise for them. Think about it, giving away free T-Shirts or merchandise with your company info on them is a great way to get your name or/and your brand out there in front of potential clients.

You can have contests, raffles, give aways, or awards to help you promote most any type of business. You can get as creative as you want and stay within even a small budget.

How much is a new customer worth to you? That’s a good place to start with any ideas on using printed materials to market and advertise your business. The great thing about print on demand items is you don’t have to prepay or stock inventory.

Name recognition is vital to growing any business and print on demand can be a powerful tool to get your name out there in front of many people. A walking billboard is hard to beat.

OK, after having several conversations about putting an email link on our website we finally succumbed and decided to give it a try. The reason we don’t want to do it is due to all the spam bots raging on the Internet. Seriously, it’s estimated that up to 80% of all emails delivered is spam!

Yea, and if you have multiple websites, some as old as 20 years, the amount of spam is ridiculous. So I’m going to spell out the email address with blanks, which means you need to remove the blanks when you enter our email. Here’s our email on Custom Services if you want more details. customservices @ badboystyles .com. We’ll give it a try for 90 days and see how it works out.

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