Print On Demand Merchandise

Beyond T-Shirts And Apparel

There is a whole lot of stuff that you can print on these days, everything from coffee mugs to wall art. The best sellers jump around depending on the season and any current fads. Stickers are by far the best sellers in merchandise due to low price and flexibility. Followed up by pillows, phone cases, coasters, bed accessories, and even clocks! A lot of the items are popular due to the season, for example we get a lot more Hardcover Journal sales in the fall when schools start.

This is a great way to decorate your apartment an house with things that will work just as well in your next place. Wall Art and Home and Living items help you decorate and personalize your current or future home. It helps you make your apartment or house a home.

The catch 22 is that not all designs lend themselves to other items besides T-Shirts. So the designer may have to change the design to fit

many items. Weird shapes require some elaborate changes so lot of designers only put designs on items that require no changes. We fall prey to that problem too, making one design is not that much work but then making it fit on over 55 items requires a lot more time and effort to look good. I think we do about 15 top selling items in normal designs. And to be honest, not all designs work well with some items.

So if you see one of our designs that you like and want it on another item that’s not listed just shoot us a message from the store and make sure you name the design and item clearly. We will put it up and send you the link. In fact you can send us any custom request through our stores. Just look for the send designer a message tag and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can, normally within 24 hours or sooner. We love hearing from customers on any subject so it’s all good.

Here’s a quick merchandise list and examples to give you an idea of what the items look like printed.

Small Stickers
Laptop Stickers

Phone Cases
iPhone Cases
Samsung Galaxy

Wall Art
Art Board Prints
Art Prints
Canvas Prints
Framed Prints
Metal Prints
Photographic Prints

Home & Living
Acrylic Blocks
Bath Mats
Couch Pillows
Duvet Covers
Floor Pillows
Shower Curtains
Tall Mugs
Throw Blankets
Throw Pillows

Drawstring Bags
Tech Accessories
Tote Bags
Travel Mugs
Water Bottles
Zipper Pouches

Greeting Cards
Hardcover Journals
Pencil Cases
Spiral Notebooks

Cobra Con Merchandise
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